Welcome to the VICTAS Community Transport Association (VTCTA), the peak body for community transport in Tasmania and Victoria. The sector is presently confronting the challenges and opportunities attached to the federal reforms in aged and disability services and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) systems. The VTCTA continues to be at the forefront of these developments, advocating and working with government and service providers to improve transport for people and communities across the states of Tasmania and Victoria.

Not everyone in the community are able to access public or private transport services. This maybe because of their age or a disability that impacts on their mobility, they live in a geographically isolated place or they cannot afford the cost of transport. Community transport (CT) provides services, either direct transport or support to access public transport, for people who are transport disadvantaged. Community transport is affordable, flexible, accessible and adaptable to individuals’ needs enabling them to participate in daily life. Contact your local CT Service for further information.

As the community transport peak body, we represent the interests of people with community transport needs from all parts of Tasmania and Victoria, and all kinds of community transport providers. Our membership and the composition of our Management Committee reflects this diversity with Lyndon Stevenson in the position of Chair, Richard Garlick as Deputy Chair, Rita Lang as Treasurer and Vivienne Cunningham-Smith as Secretary. Our 50 members are from far and wide across both states, including large and small not-for-profit organisations and local government. A full list of members is available in our 2019-20 VTCTA Annual Report.

As we work together to improve community transport in both states, we welcome input from everybody with positive ideas for change. Through the mechanisms established on this site, or via an old fashioned phone call, we’d welcome your input. If your organisation is not already a VTCTA member please consider joining and making the VTCTA an even stronger and more effective voice for positive change.

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